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Knowledge Harvester for Supermemo is charityware by Banaban Software - 100% of registrations to support people of Banaba , poor nation of 5000 indigenous people in Pacific, to help rebuild their modest homes, shot by Cyclone Ami.  


Knowledge Harvester makes producing your SuperMemo databases a piece of cake.

Learn Italian - few easy and free lessons of Italian language for everyone

Learn Dutch & Learn Portuguese - coming in a few weeks time


SuperMemo Databases

Databases for SuperMemo and FullRecall:

Kiribatese - learn the language spoken in Kiribati
Computer Acronyms

Other SuperMemo stuff: incremental reading in SuperMemo


SuperMemo PDB Converter is more powerful than Knowledge Harvester when it comes to converting SM for Palm databases.

SuperMemo - is fantastic knowledge acquisition and also flashcard software, from SuperMemo World company. Available for Windows, Palm and Pocket PC platforms. Lots of databases available via SuperMemo Library

Mapletop are developers of SuperMemo for Palm

You can have all the great tools like SuperMemo, with all the available databases at hand, but if you are procrastinating and can't get around to study every day, no tool will save your butt. If you are a procrastinator you can find here some tips to stop procrastination.


Thanks to Fear of heights web for help and support with covering the costs.

Banaban coconut oil wholesale is another Banaba fundraising project

Knowledge Harvester for SuperMemo , ver.1.2

Make your own SuperMemo database much easily and quickly on your desktop PC. Intended for Supermemo Palm databases, but you can use it for Supermemo Windows databases, too.

If you are used to collecting question pairs for Supermemo databases from the internet, or electronic documents, you don't need to switch endlessly between applications while producing your database anymore. Save the switching back and forth, as well as all of the pasting.

Here is how Knowledge Harvester saves your time:

Scenario 1 : In the source document, select, eg. via mouse, the text you wish to use as a question, and press CTRL+C. Then select the answer, press CTRL+C again. Same goes for next question pairs. Did you notice, you don't need to switch between the source document and your text editor, you didn't need to paste the copied parts of text. Knowledge Harvester does that all in the background, saving your time and fingers. It automatically creates the Q&A text file, that you can later easily convert to Palm db with the smconv.exe utility, supplied with your copy of SuperMemo.

Scenario 2 : Or, maybe you are reading a text in foreign language. Select the "Questions only" mode from Knowledge Harvester, and then proceed with selecting and copying any word you do not know and would like to learn. All words will appear as a question in Knowledge Harvester - so that you can later lookup the definitions in the dictionary and fill them into preprocessed Q&A text as answers. "Answers only" mode works identically.

Conversion of SuperMemo for Palm pdb databases back to text format:

This is "unofficial" function, I have added it only after users requests, it has nothing to do with original intent of this application, and is meant merely as a bonus to registered users. It only converts first two fields, first one as a question and second one as an answer. This should be good enough for most databases. If your needs are greater than that, Mapletop will send registered users a conversion utility at request, or use SuperMemo PDB Converter

You can import the converted Q&A texts back to Palm via smconv.exe, or even to SuperMemo for Windows without any problem.

NOTE: if you have any problems, or any requests for further functionality, don't hesitate to contact me directly through the email address supplied in files downloaded from this site. This application is in development and I have already plan for few features to add. Your requests will definitely be considered. All future upgrades free for registered users.


- any desktop PC running Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP

- optionally and most probably also some of the following: smconv.exe utility, SuperMemo for Palm, SuperMemo for Windows, SuperMemo CE for Pocket PC

Download Knowledge Harvester - evaluation version
evaluation version
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Paypal payments accepted:

Price is only USD 6 - compare to how much time and effort you can save with it.

You can keep the evaluation version. After payment, license code will be sent to you, that you can use to unlock the trial version. License code is usually sent within 24 hours, I apologize it might take longer occasionally.

Paying for this application you support good case of people of Banaba. All the revenues go for their support. In the past, money collected were contributed to cover damages caused by cyclone Ami. In the future, they will be contributed to educational purposes (educational books, education in information sciences for gifted children). Operation of this website is paid from private funds of the author of the program.

Other our products to download:

At the moment, you can download here our Computer Acronyms SuperMemo database for free.



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